Tuesday, July 5, 2011

On the Road - Day 1

I'd mainly intended to blog about my training experiences, but I had plenty of time to think about things I saw as I drove, so tonight I'm going to blog about things on my drive as a test run for on-the-road blogging. I may blog about my drives going forward, as well; just depends on whether there's anything that seems worth remembering. These pics are taken quickly with my phone, hoping I was pointing it in the correct general direction while looking at the road, so they aren't great!

The Route: New Jersey to Indiana
Mileage: 748.5
Time: 11.5 hours

Good morning, Susquehanna!

Who's in charge? City name: Jersey Shore. State: Pennsylvania. Location: No where near the Jersey Shore. Uh...great name.

Far from home (by license plates on passenger vehicles): Florida, Nevada, Oregon...and Alaska!

Sign humor (actual road sign in western Pennsylvania):
Buckle Up
Next Million Miles

Good find: Sheetz, Exit 4 (?) I-80 Pennsylvania, decent little area for a quick dog potty break behind the building.

Just how long does it take to get away from everyone and really find open (empty) road? About 7 hours!

Bad for drive time: I-71 well-patrolled south of Akron!

In the WTF category: Driver of a dump truck loaded with gravel deliberately swerves onto the shoulder to run over a (deer?) carcass.

My friend: Don't stay in hotels without it!


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