Monday, July 11, 2011

On the Road - Day 4

Interlude in Ft. Collins

I stopped in Ft. Collins to visit with friends Regan and Tracey and their husbands on Friday. We had an early lunch together at Tracey's house. It was nice to not have to get going early in the morning after a very late arrival the night before. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to sustain a good connection either via wi-fi or broadband at the hotel, so much of my morning was spent trying to get that worked out. The front desk clerk helped as much as he could, and he even called their wi-fi provider so I could work directly with them, but it never got sorted.

Rainbow sunrise over Waffle House. :) This double rainbow was very clearly defined, and the most tightly curved I'd ever seen, though it's hard to tell from the photos. By the time I ran back to my room to put away the dog I was walking and grab my camera, it had already faded.

The dogs had a fun visit too, with Tracey's dogs. L-R: Bran, Seamus, Dare, Doug, Whiskey.

"Pop! goes the Whiskey!"


The route: Ft. Collins to Monte Vista
Mileage: About 328 miles
Time: About 5-6 hours
I forgot to set my trip odometer on departure, and don't remember what time I got in to Monte Vista (after dark), so these are Google Maps estimates based on the route I took.

Castle Rock?

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